Is It Time to Renovate Your Student Union?

Learn to utilize facility metrics and justify your renovations.

Any student or faculty member can tell you that the student union is the hub of any university. Thousands of people pass through the facility each day, visiting the dining halls, stopping by the book store or they have a meeting. Operations management must understand the student union traffic levels and know when an expansion or renovation might be in order to keep everything running smoothly.

Monitoring traffic patterns is typically the first step in knowing when a renovation might be needed. In order to get accurate and reliable data many student unions turn to technology and people counting systems in particular to collect this information. A people counting system, such as the SenSource VIDX, is able to collect space utilization metrics such as total traffic, peak traffic times and interior analytics data. This data helps management to justify their funding requests for any future projects.

Understanding a student unions traffic patterns also allows management to properly align staffing schedules according to the facilities usage. No man hours are wasted if management staffs the student union according to the peak and low traffic hours. This also ensures that all student and faculty members are properly tended to when they visit the facility.

Management is able to make better business decisions by understanding their space utilization metrics. Whether they decide to expand, renovate or adjust traffic flow of the existing structure they will have the information needed to do so.

Take the next step in learning the metrics needed to make insights and impactful decisions to improve the overall operations of your student union. Contact a member of the SenSource sales team today to learn more.

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