Communication: Reopening Family Entertainment Centers

Reopening family entertainment centers is a hot button topic as many cities across the U.S. continue to emerge from a post COVID-19 shut down with different rules and regulations in place. Entertainment venues likes zoos, public swimming facilities, and amusement parks are being especially cautious throughout their re-openings as they want to provide a fun, yet safe activity for families. There are three consistent goals for these businesses as they re-open; distance, communicate, regulate. SafeSpace by SenSource is an automated occupancy monitoring solution that helps businesses achieve all three of those goals.

Communication is Key

SenSource is a member of IAAPA, The Global Association for the Attractions Industry, and they recently released a webinar titled “Preparing to Reopen Your Family Entertainment Center.” Throughout the hour-long webinar, the guests continued to revisit the importance of communication to visitors through the reopening phase.

Building trust and accountability with visitors is crucial, and the best way to do that is through communication. Share with them what you are doing to keep them safe and best ways to enjoy the facility in its current state. Knowing customers are entering a facility that is adhering to occupancy restrictions is step one of that process, and that is how SafeSpace can help. As SafeSpace tracks a real-time occupancy count, that information can be shared with visitors with a TV display. The display is color coded, green for safe to enter and red for max capacity, so there is no guessing for your visitors.

However, communication as visitors arrive is not the only way to communicate. Using SenSource’s API, users can pull the raw occupancy data, configure it how they want it to appear, and build it directly into their websites. Visitors can hop online before leaving home to get a sense of current occupancy counts and see the crowd size is conducive to a visit.

Accentuate the Positive

While everyone will be excited Family Entertainment Centers are reopening, the excitement might be met with some disappointment when learning certain activities or areas are still closed. The best way to combat this disappointment is through accentuating the positive! Using SafeSpace’s display interface, placing monitors at the entrances of the open activities will quickly communicate what is open and encourage activity rather than dwell on what they cannot do.

Documented Counts

As an added benefit, all occupancy data is stored in SenSource’s cloud-based Vea Reporting Platform. This allows users to access historical reports showing facility usage data which can often be used in budgeting and resource allocation decisions. “The main focus of SafeSpace is to count real-time and communicate those counts to employees and visitors. However, capturing that data and leveraging it into decision making metrics is a permanent, big-picture goal at SenSource and it applies to the SafeSpace product as well,” Dan Aluise, SenSource’s General Manager, remarked.

As Family Entertainment Centers continue to reopen, keep in mind the values and benefits of communication and how an occupancy monitoring solution like SafeSpace can keep everyone informed of very important occupancy data.


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