4 Reasons Why Retail Occupancy Counting is Necessary

retail occupancy counting

Retail occupancy counting, or foot traffic counting, was once a behind-the-scenes data capture at retail stores, a metric used by executives and managers to streamline operations. But the global pandemic has thrust people counting into mainstream. Now even customers want to know a store’s foot traffic data to determine the best time to shop to avoid crowds. Counting people is more important now than ever before.

4 Reasons why retail occupancy counting is necessary and how SenSource can help you to reopen safely:

Between reduced staff and increased responsibilities, it’s more efficient and a cost-savings to use an automated system for retail occupancy counting as opposed to a staff member tally counting. A store with a single entrance, paying an employee minimum wage to tally count, would see a return on investment within a month for installing an automated system.

Efficient Staff Scheduling
In addition to retail occupancy counting, you can use your traffic data to showcase peak and slow times, arming you with insights on how to schedule staff hours during this time of new-normal and into the future. Vea Analytics has a great day-hour heatmap view to quickly see what days and hours receive highest traffic.

SenSource VIDX people counting sensors track and count people with 97% or greater accuracy, guaranteed, so you can trust your retail occupancy counting metrics are accurate. Not only is the sensor itself accurate (and layered with AI to become even more accurate over time), the technical support team at SenSource are experts in calibrating the sensors to count at peak accuracy for your unique application.

The sensors use dual lenses to view your entrance and the height of the sensor determines the coverage area, where the higher the sensor is mounted, the wider the field of view. During the installation process, a SenSource technical support rep will remotely connect to your sensor to tag where the entrances are and at what point a person is counted as an entrance or exit. This step is critical because if it’s done incorrectly, the sensor will count the same person multiple times as they linger at your entrance or make a u-turn, making your data inaccurate.

Promote Safety
Using SafeSpace, a monitor is placed at the entrance displaying the current occupancy to let customers know if it’s safe to enter and keeping your store complaint to capacity regulations. It gives your customers peace of mind knowing you’re promoting social-distancing. Using SenSource’s Vea reporting tools, you can even prove compliance internally or to government officials by reporting on historical occupancy measurements.

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