Time to Evaluate Your Store Traffic Data?

Paying too much or are frustrated with your current people counting supplier? Explore SenSource’s solutions for top of the line accuracy, sensing technology, and reporting – at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

sensource patron counting solutions

Traffic Data & Analytics

SenSource people counting solutions include the hardware and reporting tools needed to measure store footfall with confidence.

  • The latest sensing technology – 3D video layered with AI
  • 97% or greater accuracy, guaranteed
  • Proprietary Vea analytics reporting platform
  • Annual subscription includes technical support and API

Turnkey Solutions

The expertise behind accurate traffic data. We manage the complexities so you can focus on what really matters – reliably accurate data to measure store performance.

  • Site planning
  • Field implementation
  • On-boarding
  • Proactive Maintenance

Wi-Fi Tracking: A data gold mine or privacy nightmare?

Our first article published to Retail Dive takes a look at the pros and cons of tracking customers’ cell phones to measure store engagement.

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