Why Retail Traffic Patterns Could Make or Break Your Holiday Sales This Year

retail traffic patternsThe 2017 holiday shopping season is upon us once again, is your store prepared for the rush of holiday shoppers? Understanding your customers shopping patterns and behaviors is the first step to designing a well thought out layout for your store to reduce congestion in specific areas.

Management will be able to highlight top products in highly visible areas without overcrowding any one space. Proper staffing of store employees on the floor, registers, security and maintenance will also be determined with ease. Obtaining the data needed to grasp this larger picture of consumer behavior might seem daunting at first but implementing a people counting sensor and software system easily alleviates the majority of the work.

The ClearCount 3D people counting system, offered by SenSource, accurately collects data on your stores day to day traffic patterns. Once paired with the Vea reporting platform the two systems communicate and translate the data into dashboards that are easy to read and comprehend thanks to its use of charts and graphs. The analytics platform helps retailers and management understand positive and negative changes on sales and shopper behavior based on the flow of traffic into the store, as well as, throughout the store.

The Vea analytics reporting platform allows management to configure dashboards differently based on who is viewing the system ensuring that everyone has the information that they need to do their jobs. Owners may set their own dashboard view which may be customized differently from the general manager or even the store associate’s view. While the owner may be concerned with numbers corresponding to different marketing campaigns and promotions the store manager might be concerned with queue times at the checkout lines to make sure no customer is waiting too long.

Implementing the appropriate people counting system to collect in-store retail traffic pattern data can make or break holiday sales this year in your store. Compare your data year-over-year or add it to data collected from your online store for a full picture of your retail operations. Contact SenSource today to see which people counting system will be best for your store this holiday season.

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