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Using industry leading technology, SAFESPACE Occupancy Monitoring by SenSource has been adopted by many businesses across the country, to positive results. The platform’s stability, accuracy, and ease-of-use is the ideal solution during the uncertain times of COVID-19 and we are so confident you will find it a valuable tool; we are offering a 7 Day Free Trial!

What is SAFESPACE Occupancy Monitoring?

SAFESPACE allows for manual tracking using a smart device, or an automated solution utilizing SenSource’s video-based people counting sensors. A TV or monitor near the doors can display the current occupancy counts. This allows employees and visitors to make educated decisions on their actions while on location. All data collected is stored to SenSource’s cloud-based reporting software, which allows companies to track their occupancy and submit data for audits as required.


• Real-time Occupancy Status
Use Automated or Manual Counting Methods, or a Hybrid of Both
• Analytical tools with customizable dashboards and reports
• Display Occupancy on a TV or Monitor (via SAFESPACE App)

What Does the Free Trial Include?

The Free Trial offer will allow operations to manually count occupancy for 7 days and have access to the cloud reporting system. At the end of the 7 days, customers will have the option to subscribe full time, and upgrade to automated counting, if desired. Should they decide SAFESPACE is not a fit, we will simply deactivate the account and part ways. No fees, no automatic renewals, no strings attached.

Why Should We Monitor Occupancy?

Occupancy monitoring in a location is more important than ever as a result of ongoing COVID-19 regulations and concerns. In certain locations in the US, it is mandatory if businesses want to continue operating or re-open. Providing a safe location for your employees and customers can go a long way in building trust and loyalty. Using a service like SAFESPACE not only tracks the occupancy, it shares that information with everyone to ensure a safe, smooth experience for all the involved parties.

Getting Started Today!

If you are interested in testing out SAFESPACE with the 7 Day Trial, sign up here!


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Carol Murphy says

I would like to request pricing on your safespace feature.

Thank you!

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Jessica Lipply says

Hi Carol! Thanks for your interest in SafeSpace. I'll forward your request for pricing to one of our sales reps now. Have a great day!

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