Sensible People Counting Solutions for Various Applications

No two businesses are the same or at the same stage of their life, it is nice to have options. SenSource provides sensible people counting solutions for multiple industries at any stage.

sensible solutionsSome industries have strict budgets that they need to adhere to each year, others have large entryways that require special hardware and some need to collect traffic data outdoors. There may be a variety of applications that need to collect traffic data but there is also a variety of solutions available too.

Government Entities & Libraries

Government entities and libraries are often well-established facilities but have limited budgets based off of the prior years data. It’s important for these facilities to report accurate data to secure the following the years funding. Installing a people counting sensor will allow these facilities to efficiently and accurately collect traffic data and process reports to be submitted. SenSource offers a variety of solutions to cover the high traffic areas and/or heavily congested areas while still remaining within budget.

Mid-Size Retailers & Boutiques

Mid-size retailers and boutiques often find themselves trying to stay within budget but needing key metrics such as conversion ratios. These metrics give smaller retailers the information needed to implement changes and ultimately stay ahead of competition. Understanding traffic areas, through people counting sensors, and knowing whether or not traffic peaks after specific promotional offers will give retailers the data they’re looking for.

Amusement Parks & Family Entertainment Centers

Amusement parks and family entertainment centers on the other hand may have a comfortable budget but the footprint of the facility may not have standard doorways. These parks often need to cover outdoor spaces or large entrance areas and need special equipment and technology. People counting sensors can be customized for outdoor use or specific sensors are made to cover wider doorways and have the ability to be stitched together to cover the largest areas.

Once a solution is installed and implemented in any facility it has the capability of being paired with the Vea analytics reporting platform. This platform processes the data and creates easily digestible graphs and charts for management to analyze. Customizable dashboards allow management to arrange their key metric charts on one screen for an at a glance view of their facility or even view multiple facilities within the system in a single platform. All of these reports can be automatically created and emailed to specific teams at specific times so everyone has the information to efficiently run the business and maximize employee hours ultimately creating a great customer experience.

If your facility is in need of a sensible solution to process reliable, accurate data contact us today to learn about the options that would best fit your facility.

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