SafeSpace Shields Program FAQ

What will displaying the SafeSpace Shield accomplish for my library?

Your library has taken proactive steps to remain safe and available for your patrons with the investment in SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring. By displaying one or both of the provided shields, this will communicate your commitment to everyone visiting your website. Provide peace of mind for all of your patrons and be proud of work you are doing to remain a valuable community service during these uncertain times.

What are the fees to use the Shields?

There are no fees associated with displaying the Shields. All we request is the image be linked to

Which shield(s) may I use?

If your library has a current and active SafeSpace license, you are able to use one or both of the SafeSpace Shields provided in the zip folder.  

How do I add a Shield to my website?

Click the link below to download a zip folder containing two styles of shields. We have included a .PNG format as well as a web-ready .SVG.  Should you require a custom size, file type, or color scheme, please email

Terms of Use and Copyright

By using the SafeSpace Shield, you agree not to modify the images provided in any manner other than to alter sizing of the graphic as-is. 

Have other questions?

If you have any questions regarding the SafeSpace Shield, please email us at