Museum Operations Simplified

Government employees understand how many steps are involved in operating museums, public parks and visitor centers. Everything needs to be properly analyzed and evaluated before action can be taken. The daily operations are often quite involved, implementing a people counting system helps to simplify museum operations.

museum operations simplifiedGovernment Funding

Each government facility relies on their yearly government funding. The amount each facility receives each year needs to be justified and fluctuates based on the prior year’s performance. Proper measurement and data collection throughout the year is key to maximizing your funding. People counting systems, such as the SenSource VIDX, accurately and reliably tracks people traffic so each facility knows how many people are truly utilizing their space and more specifically which areas of each facility. This helps management make educated decisions on the betterment of each space.

Justify Staffing

Another element that government facilities have to carefully plan is staffing. If a museum knows that they have higher visitor traffic levels on the weekends they can justify  more staff during those hours. This creates a better experience for visitors and increases the safety with employees readily available to assist and more security to ensure the exhibits are all respected.

Hours of Operation

Lastly, museums and other government facilities are able to adjust their hours of operation accordingly. Knowing the high and low traffic times of a facility alerts management to hours that need to be extended to allow more people in. On the flip side, the data also tells them if hours need to be cut or even close on specific days or seasons due to low traffic. Museums can ultimately save more of their funding dollars by implementing new hours of operation and spending the funds wisely.

The VIDX people counting system paired with Vea analytics reporting platform gives museums and government facilities a clear picture of what is happening in their facility on a daily basis. Employees are able to create a better visitor experience by understanding traffic levels through reports and graphs pulled through Vea.

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