What Does Spring Semester Mean for Your Student Union?

spring semesterSpring semester is beginning at many universities across the country. Although the year is halfway through to students this is the perfect time to start planning out advancements and modifications for the following school year.

Management is able to look at the numbers, performances and trends from the previous semester and begin looking at what works and what doesn’t. Monitoring items that need to be modified in the coming year allows them to accurately analyze data and create and test all opportunities.

In order for management to properly analyze student traffic patterns they must have proper data. People counting sensors, such as the SenSource ClearCount 3D, are able to gather needed traffic data and populate the information into comprehendible charts and graphs with the Vea analytics reporting platform. With Vea, you can quickly recognize and analyze traffic patterns that enable you to make key decisions about your facility’s layout and operations.

Universities are now able to make adjustments, big and small, to student unions and other areas of campus thanks to the data they are able to collect from traffic counting sensors.

By understanding these trends and staying on top of needed developments they place themselves on the cutting edge. This lead can often make and break a students decision in attending your school in the coming year and you don’t want to miss out on that opportunity.

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