How Student Unions Are Utilizing People Counting Technology

The student union on campus is more than a place to grab a bite to eat, it is the hub of campus. This is where students go to feel at home. There are many amenities within the student union to bring students and faculty together from the cafeterias, meeting rooms, study lounges and recreation halls, there is something for everyone at every stage in their college career.

Thousands of students and faculty pass through campus buildings on a daily basis. Receiving proper funding to maintain and staff the buildings are integral to the health of the facilities. Universities need to understand the actual usage and foot traffic that passes through their buildings to better manage them. People counting systems installed in dining halls, student union entrances and exits, and even dormitories is a viable way to easily and accurately gather and analyze campus traffic data.

Traffic monitoring near main entrances and exits may present the need for an expansion. This information may also inform administrators on appropriate marketing placement within the facility, allow for proper staff scheduling and provide data on how to efficiently operate the student union and dining halls.

The SenSource VIDX system helps to determine space utilization for universities. Space management is a key factor to prevent overcrowding and long lines. The VIDX also offers a dwell zone feature which assists in recognizing the need to expand or reduce hall sizes.

By installing SenSource people counting technology and pairing it with Vea Analytics Reporting Platform universities are able to collect data, turn it into productive reports and charts, and begin to make appropriate updates within student unions and other key buildings on campus. Contact the SenSource sales team today to find out how people counting technology can help your student unions operate smoothly.


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