How Student Unions Are Utilizing People Counting Technology

How Student Unions Are Utilizing People Counting TechnologyUniversities find themselves constantly evolving to stay ahead of campus trends in all aspects of student services. Students that live on campus need to feel at home and enjoy the same comforts and amenities. Students that live off campus and commute often find themselves with chunks of time between classes or staying late for research or study group purposes. Commuting students also find themselves looking for a comfortable atmosphere to call home over the course of four plus years. In either case, students find themselves grabbing a quick bite to eat between classes or enjoying a sit down meal with friends after a long day of studies.

Thousands of students pass through the buildings of a university on a daily basis. Maintaining the buildings, keeping them properly staffed and having the proper funding to keep everything moving smoothly quickly becomes a large task. Universities begin to wonder how student unions are utilizing people counting technology in these situations. By installing people counting sensors into dining halls, student unions and dorms universities are able to quickly gather and analyze traffic data.

Traffic monitoring throughout the main entrances presents the need for expansion, details appropriate marketing placement, allows for proper staff scheduling and overall provides data on how to efficiently operate the student union and dining halls. A ClearCount 3D system helps to determine space utilization for universities. Space management is a key factor to prevent overcrowding and long lines. Understanding where students are gathering also helps maintenance know where HVAC may need vented differently. The ClearCount 3D also offers a dwell zone feature which assists in recognizing the need to expand or reduce hall sizes.

By installing SenSource people counting technology and pairing it with Vea Analytics software universities are able to collect data and turn it into productive reports and charts. These reports allow the data to be shared with other key decision makers at a glance. Contact the SenSource sales team today to find out how people counting technology can help your dining halls run smoothly.

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