People Counting Sensors – TB12 Product Alternatives

SenSource will no longer offer the TB12 battery-powered people counting sensor series after December 28, 2018. Existing warranty and support will remain through December 28, 2019.  Below is our recommended alternative and upgraded solutions. Please contact your sales representative or complete the form below to request pricing.

Alternative Entry-Level People Counting Sensor  

Photoelectric Non-Directional People Counter (PC-QS06)

Entry Level People Counter
  • Non-directional sensor – Increments a count whenever the beam is broken, regardless of traffic direction
  • LCD Display – View counts on the display
  • Count Recorder data logger – Collect and transfer data using a USB connection
  • Reflector and IR sensor mount to opposing sides of entryway
  • Requires line-power


QS06 Brochure


Upgraded People Counting Sensor 

ClearCount 3DX (PC-VIDX)

Upgraded People Counter

  • Directional sensor, 98% accurate – Collects entrance and exit traffic separately
  • PoE – Single cable for power and network connection
  • Ceiling-mounted
  • Vea Analytics Platform – View and analyze data in real-time with advanced analytics and reporting


VIDX Brochure

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