How Technology Is Affecting Facility Management

The advancements within facility management technology are growing at a rapid pace. Facilities who are not utilizing these technologies are stretching their employees thin by requiring them to manage their facility on top of other responsibilities.

Implementing these technologies into a facility can show management how often spaces are occupied, at what time and how many people are in a given space. Facility operators can also determine if spaces are being utilized efficiently, affecting resources such as lighting and HVAC consumption, and can properly allocate space based on actual user needs. facility management

Space Management Intelligence

Understanding how your building is being used is instrumental in operating a facility efficiently. Shared working environments are becoming more popular with wireless technology advancements. Determining available workstations and office space scheduling will assist in realizing the need to expand or reduce office space, this is something you can gain from real-time data monitoring. People Counting sensors are capable of sending data directly to facility management software alerting management to when maintenance is required, as well as building energy usage. Finding the most efficient conference room allocation will reduce costs by appropriately using lighting, HVAC and maintenance resources. Control systems can even be incorporated to turn off lights and adjust the thermostat when no presence is detected in a space.

Facility Management Software

When you pair people counting sensors with software, such as the Vea analytics reporting platform, they will provide you with a comprehensive view of your building operations. Such software is able to turn your raw traffic data into meaningful information that reveals traffic patterns and profitable insights. The Vea analytics reporting platform offers easy to understand graphs and charts at a glance on a customizable dashboard. Management is able to share their dashboard view with employees or even email specific charts to them to help organize and structure their daily practices. This software feature allows for integrated analytics and doesn’t just analyze traffic data. By implementing a software management system, you will be able to report on occupancy metrics, queue metrics, and customer engagement. Technology is advancing rapidly, and it is having a positive affect on facility management.

Saving man hours and streamlining daily operations of an office are all positive affects of implementing building intelligence systems, such as people counting systems. If you’re looking to upgrade your facility and maximize your employee working hours, contact a member of the SenSource sales team today and learn more about which system would be right for your space.

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