Technology: Building Smarter Stadiums

Creating the ultimate fan experience is top of mind for any stadium today. Fan’s have a lot of options vying for their attention. Getting fans to make the time to drive to a game or event, park, walk to the stadium and hang out for a few hours is becoming more difficult. To keep fans returning, smarter stadiums are opting to remove any fan frustrations throughout the stadium.

smarter stadiumsRelieving Fan Frustrations

Before fans even get to their seats they typically have to stand in long lines and maneuver through highly congested areas. These scenarios tend to keep fans in their seats, only getting up when they need to. The anticipation of long lines and crowded areas are sometimes not worth the hassle. However, stadiums want to get fans out of their seats to make in-stadium purchases such as food, drinks and souvenirs. This drives stadiums to look at what’s keeping fans seated and how to get them up and moving.

People counting sensors installed throughout stadiums help to make sense of fan behavior. We recently sat down with Jon Drokin, Director of Product Development at SenSource, to discuss how people counting sensors help to create smarter stadiums. Drokin stated that people counting data and knowledge help management relieve some of the congestion and trouble spots. Understanding where and when people typically move throughout the stadium is the first step in alleviating fan frustrations.

Smarter Stadium Technology

Another great feature of smarter stadiums is understanding fans for marketing and promotional offers. In-game promotions have been growing in popularity, stadium owners need to know if they are working. Team shops often have fans trickling in throughout games but if a promotional ad is run on the jumbotron for 20% off they need to accurately measure how much the foot traffic increases in their team shop after the promotion is launched. This data gives stadiums the information they need to see if the promotion is driving traffic, they can then match that data to their POS data to drill down further for a bigger picture of fan behavior.

Plan Future Projects

Implementing a smarter stadium will provide in-depth data on all aspects of your stadium traffic. Years ago, stadiums just wanted to know how many people were showing up each day but now there’s so much more to that. Smart stadiums have the ability to answer the questions of when, where and why of fan’s actions throughout the stadium. When you better understand your fans, you will be able to create the ultimate fan experience when they visit your stadium.

People counting sensors have the ability to count and track your fans with accuracy even in dense crowds and irregular walking patterns. The latest generation of sensors has a direct overhead view allowing you to view some demographics data, as well. Obtain all of this data while still earning your fans trust with privacy features.

Improve fan experiences at your stadium by implementing a people counting sensor and data analytics software, such as Vea. Contact a member of the SenSource team to learn more and for a free demo.


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