United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) is a living memorial to the lives of those lost and those who suffered in the events of the Holocaust. The Museum’s mission doesn’t stop at preserving the memory of those victims; it aims to bring awareness and understanding of holocaust related issues, including those of contemporary significance.

Theirs is a challenge to disseminate information and educate through exhibits, art, artifacts, and material evidence. Their goal is to remain relevant and provide engaging presentations, which requires a thorough understanding of how visitors interact and respond to the Museum’s numerous permanent displays and temporary exhibits.

SenSource partnered with USHMM to help them see how visitors traveled through the five floors of the Museum and discover which areas were gaining the least and most attention.


The goal of the Museum’s curators was to define how people were experiencing the complete museum. A question of particular importance was, “How many people actually make their way through the entire Museum?” This wasn’t any easy question to answer, however, due to the expansive front entrance of the facility which allows people to come and go freely.

By incorporating two people counting sensors with Vea software and traffic reports, we were able to track how many people entered the main entrance and determine how many exited the same. We combined data from these Counters with others throughout the Museum; as a result, we were able to provide accurate readings of the percentage of total traffic to each floor and exhibit.

Next, we were able to find vantage points on the remaining four floors from where we could achieve sweeping views of all the exhibits on each floor. This allowed us to monitor traffic floor by floor and provide accurate data as to which exhibits are most popular, as well as where there are traffic jams, dead zones, and confusing directions.

Of course, the aesthetics of the Museum are always a major concern in this type of installation; it was critical to make our People Counters unobtrusive. To achieve this, we provided counters in three different custom color matches to blend in.


With the information provided from the 11 People Counters, the curators have actionable data they can use to improve the visitor experience:

With SenSource’s expertise and product solutions, USHMM has the insight to make informed decisions regarding which exhibits and displays are meeting their purpose and holding visitors’ interest. As a result, curators are able to provide attractions that are relevant to their audience, engaging, and true to their mission of remembering the victims of the holocaust and broadening the public’s understanding of those events.

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