Serving 3,000 meals a day and counting

St Anthony FoundationTHE PARTNERSHIP

Of the over 800,000 people living in San Francisco, one in five adults lacks the resources to provide food for themselves or their families. This overwhelming ratio is even higher in downtown neighborhoods such as The Tenderloin where St. Anthony Foundation is located. This nonprofit foundation is in optimum location for fulfilling its mission to, “feed, heal, shelter, clothe, lift the spirits of those in need, and create a society in which all persons flourish.”

St. Anthony Foundation is best known for its Dining Room, but also provides services such as a medical clinic, clothing program, tech lab, addiction program and a social work center. Founded in 1950 by Father Alfred Boeddeker, the Dining Room has served over thirty eight million meals. Today, the dining hall serves about 3,000 meals a day and expanded into a new facility this year.

SenSource partnered with St. Anthony Foundation to identify how many people are accessing the new Dining Room facility on a daily basis to receive meals.


When serving meals to thousands of people a day, it’s cumbersome to collect data on exactly how many people are using the dining room and during what time of day, not to mention, finding extra volunteers to compile the figures. For these reasons, staff at St. Anthony’s decided to invest in an automated traffic monitoring system.

Located at the entrance of the cafeteria line, SenSource’s AccuTrac sensor is mounted overhead to track and count the number of people receiving food. The data is transferred over a secure network to SenSource headquarters where it is hosted. The data is automatically generated into reports depicting how many people used the facility and at what time of the day. Reports are also created comparing day to day, week to week or month to month trends of the number of people served.


With knowledge of traffic patterns and number of people served, St. Anthony Foundation can more efficiently fulfill the needs of the people of San Francisco. According to their website, “through six decades of growing demand we have never turned a Dining Room guest away for lack of food.” With the help of the SenSource AccuTrac system, the Foundation can proficiently plan and prepare the appropriate number of meals and continue to take pride in never turning a guest away for lack of food.

In addition to efficiency, St. Anthony Foundation relies on accurate patron data for their annual report. As a nonprofit, the Foundation is funded by individual and corporate donations as well as grants. These donors are inclined towards data that reflect the positive impact and growth of the organization they choose to support.

If you would like to support the profound services provided every day at St. Anthony Foundation, you can donate on their website at A $100 donation can feed 200 people!

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