Top 3 Reasons Theme Park Guests Aren’t Returning This Year

Frustrated theme park guests often vent their discontent by way of negative reviews and referrals. There are more than 400 amusement parks and attractions in the United States alone bidding for the attention of future guests leaving very little room for mistakes. Tech savvy guests and millennial’s often know what they want, where to find it and when they want it. As these guests arrive at parks across the country it is the goal of employees to give them the experience they’re looking for. Park employees who are a step ahead will wow even the savviest of guests. There are three key measures to take into account to ensure that guests will continue coming back again next year.

theme park guestsCreate a personalized experience When theme park guests step foot into your park they expect to be taken away, free them of any hassles of work or personal life woes and bring them to a magical place where they can have fun and relax. They like to feel like family when they enter and can appreciate when the rides and attractions are personalized to them. Michael Hinshaw, CEO of McorpCX, stated in a previous article The Future Of Customer Experience? It’s Getting Personal, “Personalization is the foundation of innovative customer experience.” Park owners have to start thinking outside of the box and figure out ways to implement a more personalized side to their rides and attractions. Not every attraction needs to be personalized and they don’t necessarily have to create a whole new ride that is personalized but simple additions to existing attractions could go a long way in the eyes of theme park guests. This is a very competitive market and the parks that can create a personalized and customized experience for guests will retain more customers, increase loyalty and boost overall customer satisfaction.

Take good care of your employees Your employees are the forefront of your business. These are the people that theme park guests see and interact with as soon as they step foot into your park, you want to make sure you take good care of your employees, listen to your employees and keep them happy. Guests will probably never meet the owner or high level management but they will be greeted by ticket handlers, photographers, ride operators, mascots and even janitors. It is important that you treat them well. As Bruce Jones, Senior Programming Director at Disney Institute stated in his past article, “Creating great customer experience comes down to having great people and treating them well. Looking after your people makes them feel more engaged with your organization and more committed to your service goals.”

Maintain speedy queue lines Theme park guests typically have a limited time to enjoy an entire amusement park and must plan their visit accordingly. One of the key aspects to note when planning out which rides they can go on is the queue lines that they’ll be standing in. Visitors have stated that they believe they spend about a third of their time waiting in line. Some of the larger theme parks such as Disney, Universal and Cedar Fair have implemented a virtual queueing system to help relieve the long lines.

This system allows guests to be placed into a virtual queue eliminating them from physically standing in line, they can come back at a specified time for their ride. Many other theme parks offer music, entertainment and activities to their guests as they stand in queue lines. Implementing a people counting sensor and analytics software also helps park management to understand their actual wait times and helps them to understand where they should have more activities for guests. Park analytics also allows wait times to be posted in the queue line so guests know what to expect as they’re waiting.

Understanding theme park guests on an individual basis has become much easier thanks to technological advances. Theme parks must ensure that they are creating a personalized experience for their guests, taking good care of their employees so they can take care of your business and maintain quick queue lines if they want to retain park guests and their families year after year. Learn more about theme parks in the 21st century in this great infographic: Amusement Parks Provide Ride Wait Times


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