Top 5 Industries Counting People, Besides Retail

When you stop to think about counting people your mind probably goes to retailers and department stores, however, they are not the only ones interested in this information. Many businesses benefit from the information that a people counter and its analytics software offer. Here is a list of the top 5 industries currently using people counters to make better business decisions.

people counting industries


Continuously evolving with trends, libraries strive to keep up with technology and maintain patron needs. With these changes it’s difficult to see which areas of the library are bringing in the most patrons and which may be less successful. Installing SenSource people counting technology and pairing it with Vea analytics reporting platform helps libraries view their facility or facilities as a whole. This helps aid in better decision making benefiting the entire community. It also helps to justify the grants and funding dollars received from the government each year.

Student Unions

University student unions are the central hub of university activity. Hundreds of students, faculty, staff and visitors walk throughout the facility each day. People counting systems allow for accurate monitoring of the facility. Operations is able to measure peak hours and know how many people are entering and exiting the facility, as well as, which areas are being utilized the most. By knowing and understanding this information they will be able to justify requests for staffing, funding and future expansions.

family entertainment centers

Amusement Parks & Family Entertainment Centers

Millions of people visit amusement parks and family entertainment centers (FEC’s) each year. Understanding visitor traffic from entry, throughout the park and upon exit provides management the information they need to efficiently run their operation. People counting systems provide accurate information regarding ride wait times, park occupancy, and restaurant and concession queue lines. This technology and data are used to optimize operations, efficiently utilize resources and ultimately improve visitor experience.

Government & Public Spaces

It is a necessity for government funded facilities, such as museums and parks, to report accurate data each year to justify the following years funding dollars. Funding is justified based off of visitor statistics at facilities receive each year. People counting systems allow management to gain a deeper understanding of their facility at the visitor level. This data also provides operations with the information they need to properly staff and secure each facility, creating a safe environment for all visitors and exhibits.


Church attendance and space optimization are two key features that churches seek out with people counting systems. The ability to accurately count church traffic and attendance frees up the time of ushers, who typically manually count attendance. This data helps staff members determine the busiest service times and ensures the operations of the church are in order.

Whether you work in libraries, student unions or churches, SenSource people counting systems paired with the Vea analytics reporting platform can help you make better business decisions. Contact SenSource today to learn how you can improve your daily business operations.

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