Trending Technology Topics at ACUI 2017

trending technology topicsStudent life is always the focus of the ACUI annual conference and 2017 was no different. There were a few trending technology topics when it came to student life that unions were interested in. During the two days that the ACUI EXPO was being held there seemed to be two key topics that facility operators and directors were concerned with. They kept asking about queue metrics and point-of-sale integration in order to better understand and operate their facilities. Queue Metrics Dining areas are always high student traffic areas. Students that live on campus rely on dining areas daily, multiple times a day. Other students often stop in for a quick bite between classes or grab lunch as they’re passing through. Either way the facility directors need to understand the traffic flow, specifically for understanding which restaurants have the least or greatest wait times so they can adjust processes properly. Managing a dining area properly can ensure the most efficient use of time and staffing. Point-of-Sale Integration Campus-owned book stores and retail shops are another highly trafficked area by students. A smooth point-of-sale (POS) integration process can be critical in daily business operations. This allows for a single system to monitor and analyze key metrics for the facility. SenSource was able to demonstrate key features on their ClearCount series and Vea Analytics software to assist with these hurdles that student unions are facing. Sen Source also featured at the show a Pat Narduzzi autographed University of Pittsburgh football helmet. We held a random drawing in our office and the winner of the helmet is Chico from the University of Louisiana Lafayette! Congratulations!

Student unions are constantly looking for ways to efficiently run their facilities and these trending technology topics are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out other ways they are using technology in these great articles:

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