Uncover Vintage Black Friday Monitors Occupancy with SafeSpace

SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring communicates occupancy status to customers

Black Friday is traditionally one of retail’s highest occupancy days of the year. Uncover Vintage owner Max Quinn had the date circled on his calendar since he opened his vintage clothing store in Cleveland earlier this year. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect parts of his business, he was determined to still have a big Black Friday sale. “We wanted to offer up a huge sale as a way to thank our customers for such a great year. I put up the 50% Off Everything sale notice and things exploded. I realized I better come up with a plan to manage the day.”

Uncover Vintage has been a SenSource customer since September, using the SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring solution to help control occupancy counts inside the store. Max’s decision to bring SenSource into his store is featured in this video.

By the time the dust settled on the night of Black Friday, Max was thankful he had a system in place. “I did my best to keep the line spaced out and everyone wearing masks, but I knew I could control the crowd inside the store with SafeSpace. Some customers waited in line for over an hour, but each and every one of them waited at the door until the tablet told them it was safe to come in. We hit the sensor and system hard all day long on Friday and it was flawless. SafeSpace was a complete lifesaver that helped keep the day running smoothly.”

While Black Friday proved to be the busiest day in the store’s history, Max is convinced it will lead to even better days. “My customers enjoyed the great sale and good inventory, but with everything going on, they felt safe. I was able to communicate easily and effectively when to enter the store and that type of experience will stick with the customers throughout the rest of the pandemic.”

We would like to congratulate Max and his team for a successful Black Friday sale and look forward to helping his shoppers stay safe throughout the holiday shopping season!

Black Friday line waits outside as SafeSpace Occupancy communicates when to enter


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