Utilizing Your Church’s Full Potential

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Let’s face it, most churches across the country have a lot of down periods where mass isn’t being held and congregation members are packed into the facility. But do you know when there are extended periods of time of non-usage or when members of the congregation could benefit from additional services?

There are a handful of churches across the country that do offer services such as Sunday school or day care offerings to parents in the community and others have looked into renting out their space but the majority of churches are not fully utilizing their space.

Looking at the traffic flow of the facility office staff and clergy members are able to get a clearer picture of what their congregation is doing and what they could benefit more from. When looking at a traditional weekend service they may, for example, see parents and children walking around throughout the service or stepping outside and returning. This could be due to the children being restless and needing to walk-about. These parents are then missing out on the good word and could benefit from a Sunday school where their children can go and learn about the readings at their level.

These same parents may even be looking for day care services throughout the week when they’re at work. Seeing that parents are being pulled away so frequently could open up two new avenues of space utilization and income for the church.

Churches may also realize that weekdays are slower times with little to no people utilizing the church. This time may be good for holding other classes or meetings or even renting out party halls and meeting spaces to community members. This will prevent the empty space from remaining dormant and it will bring in additional funds for an already tight budgeted facility.

Lastly, understanding that there is much down time could open up extracurricular opportunities for clergy members who reside on church grounds. They could use this time for gardening and horticulture and even inviting community members into these new garden areas creating another opportunity for fellowship.

Traffic data helps church operations understand where their strong hours and days are and where they could open the doors to more possibilities.

Learn more about fully utilizing your church grounds through attendance traffic.

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