Vea’s New Predictive Traffic Feature

Vea reporting platform’s latest release is taking customers’ foot traffic data to the next level with predictive traffic analytics.

With precision, Vea can predict future daily traffic levels using highly accurate traffic forecasting algorithms. Vea adapts to seasonality and even offers a tool to validate accuracy. No analyst is needed to realize future traffic and trends. The validation screenshot to the right depicts daily predicted traffic along the black line and actual recorded traffic by purple points.

“SenSource’s value proposition to its customers has become clearer and stronger over recent years. The sensors sold are capable of an incredible level of accuracy, so the inputs to the new forecasting feature are a clean, accurate representation of reality. Stacking a smart forecasting tool on top of that data, Vea is able to tell customers with a strong level of certainty how many people are likely to walk through the door tomorrow,” explains Jon Drokin, SenSource Software Specialist.

Predictive Traffic

Knowing future traffic enables better business decisions to be made such as planning events, running promotions, scheduling maintenance and preparing inventory. All Vea users, including retail, government agencies, entertainment and education facilities will benefit from this new Vea feature.

Contact our sales team for a demo of the new feature or for a tutorial on incorporating it into your existing Vea account.

Vea’s New Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Features – press release

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