SenSource Vea Analytics Reporting Platform

All of the data needed to make informed business decisions can be accessed anywhere using a simple web login through the SenSource Vea Analytics web portal.

The Vea analytics reporting platform will pull raw data and analyze it for patterns. Vea will gather insight into customer trends which will in turn help your decision making needs.


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This secure cloud-based platform allows business executives to analyze data such as, traffic monitoring, POS, staffing and weather with insightful dashboards. By having this information, business executives are able to make informed decisions based on their clients shopping behaviors and will be able to make appropriate changes to their business models to increase traffic or sales.

The Vea reporting platform allows business executives to not only access this intuitive data from their desktops but they can also access it while on the go via their mobile devices and tablets, allowing for more informed decisions from anywhere. Permission-based shared dashboards, downloadable reports and spreadsheets allow business executives to make better decisions as a team too.

veaBuilt-in algorithms make it easy for executives to receive actionable insights without spending hours analyzing data. Conversion rate, customer-to-staff ratio, predictive traffic and prescriptive labor are just a few of the metrics available. It also has a GeoCode feature which will pull the facility latitude and longitude for weather integration. This could help determine if a lull in traffic is due to means outside of your control.


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