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retail consumer behavior changing and how people counting can help

The Post-COVID Consumer: Someone Worth Counting

Episode #3: Customer Service: More Important Than Ever – SenSource is Ready

This video wraps up our three part series diving into the post-COVID consumer. Throughout the series, we have interviewed key personnel at SenSource for unique insights on how consumer behaviors have shifted as a result of the pandemic and how retailers have adapted. As retailers come to SenSource for people counting tools, we have gained behind-the-scenes knowledge of how retailers are turning to data and technology to stay ahead in their rapidly changing industry.

In the midst of these changes, consumers still hold high expectations for their retail experiences. In this video, we sit down with SenSource’s Technical Support Director, Dan Bricker, for his take on meeting post-pandemic customer service expectations.

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Post-COVID Retail Video Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to our final video in this series about the post-COVID consumer. I’m Jessica Lipply, Marketing Coordinator here at SenSource and today I’m joined by Dan Bricker our Technical Support Director.

Today we’re going to talk about how the pandemic has made customer service more important than ever before.

Over the past year, we’ve seen how the pandemic has greatly shifted consumer behaviors and their expectations. And how retailers have had to react to that in record time with things like curbside pickup and delivery services. And according to Talk Desk Research, 68% of consumers agree that it only takes one bad experience to reduce brand loyalty. The research also shows that 84% of consumers expect their questions or problems to be solved swiftly and correctly.

Dan, you work with SenSource’s customer every day – you and your team. Do you feel that this research is an accurate reflection of how customers expectations have changed?

Absolutely, we work with our customers to try and resolve their problems swiftly, utilizing a lot of technology, kind of the same way their trying to solve their problems with our technology. We have some technology we use for trouble tickets and phone systems to try and help answer their questions and get them back in business or get them the information they need as quickly as possible.

We’re still emerging from the pandemic and retailers are fighting for business. We’re offering reporting tools and technologies that are going to help them with these problems, maybe like staffing. Can you tell us a little but about the reporting tools and maybe how SenSource is helping our customers to meet their customers’ expectations.

You know, the retailers are looking for more predictive numbers, something we can provide in our platform, to help them with staffing. And then for the shoppers themselves, that best time to shop report that we offer allows a retailer to convey to his shoppers when is that best time to be there, when the attendance inside the facility is low. Those two reports combined with just normal historical reporting gives a lot of power back to the retailers to make those decisions.

That’s right. Customer service has always been important for retailers, but now that they’re fighting for business, coming back from the pandemic, customer service is more important now than ever. They’re using data like SenSource, not only on the operational side to improve their marketing and staffing, but also on a customer-facing level that’s going to prove their customer service by making customer feel safe coming to your store knowing that you care about them arriving when it’s not a crowded time.

Like we say, not only are our customers mindful of their customers’ well-being, we at SenSource are mindful of our retailers. We take our customer service very seriously, we have a fully staffed in-house department for technical support that Dan operates. And they’re dealing with 600-800 contact points per week, which is insane.

Yeah, it gets crazy at times, for sure!

And then additionally, we’ve invested in a new position this year, our Customer Success Specialist. Could you tell us about that?

Yeah, she’s a liaison between your sales person and my department in technical support, kind of working back and forth if there are issues that get back to sales or working with any customers that contact in. It’s going to be a great tool internally here and for the general success of any project our customers might want. She’s been going at it for a couple months now and we’ve had great success so far.

That’s great. Because part of our customer service is not just that beginning portion of onboarding our customers. We want to make sure that the lifetime of you using our people counting sensors that you’re finding it meaningful and keeping that communication open. So if there are requests that you may have or questions on new developments, that we’re always there and ready to answer those.

So here we’re always looking for new ways to support our customers, like Dan said earlier, always using the latest and greatest technology and really keeping our customers’ voice in mind with what we do here. And that’s why we say, you can count people with people you can count on.

Thanks Dan for joining us!

That wraps up our last video in the post-COVID consumer series. If you missed the first two, go to our YouTube channel and you’ll find them. Thanks!

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