How Virtual Reality Is Taking Retail by Storm

Virtual Reality (VR) has taken over the technology world and is leaving no stone unturned. The retail industry has joined in on the VR and Augmented Reality (AR) bandwagon and has found many ways to implement it into their store plans creating an interactive movement for customers as they peruse and shop. According to Andre Hordagoda, Co-founder of GolnStore, there is a clear distinction between VR and AR technologies in the retail environment. “The application of VR will largely be focused on enhancing the consumer experience, whereas, for AR technology, there are applications for both retailer and consumer.virtual realityRetailers around the world are flocking to find the best way to assist their customers and ease shopping frustrations. Clothing retailers have begun incorporating (AR) into dressing room technology. Customers simply walk up to an interactive monitor and “try-on” clothes, with the swipe of a hand they can change the color of their shirt. AR in retail stores also allows customers the ability to pull additional information on specific products in the store often enticing them to make the purchase. Promotional games are another way stores and restaurants are using VR. The McDonald’s fast-food restaurant chain has been giving away kits in some of their Swedish restaurants. These kits transform the McDonald’s Happy Meal box into a cardboard VR facsimile allowing customers to then convert their mobile phone into virtual reality headsets enabling them to play a VR game. Home Improvement stores also have a lot to gain by getting in on the VR and AR technologies. Customers are able to get 3D models of their home inside and out. Customers can truly visualize their home remodeling project whether it be a kitchen makeover or a new landscaping project the uses of VR seem endless. Implementation of VR is still a little slow going primarily due to the high price tag attached to the technologies but businesses are slowly embracing it. Depending on the business and product category VR can be implemented in numerous ways, it has great potential in the retail industry and beyond.


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