Virtual Turnstiles Making A Difference at Your Amusement Park

Virtual turnstiles at amusement parks

Visitors tend to come and go throughout the day at amusement parks. Virtual turnstiles are one way to help monitor the foot traffic of visitors through the main entrance points of the park.

A virtual turnstile can be installed and implemented in any main entrance and exit area of a park to show park occupancy at any given time. A simple ticketing system determines when visitors enter the park but not when they leave and return. Visitors who plan an entire day at an amusement park may exit and re-enter multiple times. A virtual turnstile system is able to monitor this activity and give an accurate occupancy number.

Occupancy data enables efficient amusement park operations. This information allows for management to schedule shows and attractions at the right time of day and week, when attendance is high. While maintenance and service can be scheduled while occupancy is low.

Having accurate and reliable occupancy data day in and day out is pertinent to efficiently operating any amusement park. Understanding when and where visitors are at any given time allows management to make better business decisions, in turn creating a better experience for visitors. A strategic operations plan can create a smooth flow through the facility with fewer overcrowding issues and long lines.

Technology is constantly evolving and the SenSource people counting systems paired with Vea analytics reporting platform can help make a difference at your amusement park with their virtual turnstile feature. Contact a member of the SenSource team today to learn more and see if this is the right solution for your park.

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