Improve Your Visitor Experience by Understanding Their Journey

Do you know what your visitors want when they visit your museum? You think you may know but it’s hard to be certain. Understanding a visitor’s journey throughout the museum is one-way facility operators are able to better understand their visitors needs. This information allows curators to then efficiently operate and maintain the exhibits.

A visitor journey map can help museums understand their visitors better and technology has the ability to pull the needed data to create the journey map. A people counting system, such as the SenSource VIDX, helps to not only measure the number of people entering and exiting the museum but also monitors engagement throughout the museum. People counting systems are able to accurately measure dwell zones in front of specific exhibits. It also reports if areas are too congested or show if other areas are vacant for long periods of time.

Visitor Journey Map

The data that is collected through a people counting system will help management to effectively visualize their visitor’s journey. Once the data is collected it can be processed through the Vea analytics reporting platform and turned into information charts and graphs. This allows management to easily monitor traffic during specific times of day or at specific exhibit areas. By understanding high traffic times and areas museums are able to properly staff and adjust facility hours.

The information collected from people counting systems helps operations to curate exhibits based off of the popularity of specific areas. Therefore, by understanding the visitors journey throughout the museum curators are able to create a natural flow of traffic throughout the exhibits. Ultimately, providing a better experience for the visitors and the museum staff.

In a recent article, Using Customer Journey Maps To Enrich Your Museum Visitor Experience, by the Association of Independent Museums, they gave a step-by-step process to creating your own customer journey map that includes:

  1. Identify the gap
  2. Explore, know and create fresh customer segments
  3. Conceptualize your offer for each segment
  4. Craft the customer journey map
  5. Identify appropriate performance indicators
  6. Use your customer journey map to visualize success
  7. Update and improve

Understand how visitors are perceiving your museum with people traffic data and build your own visitor journey map. Learn more about how people counting systems can benefit your museum and get a free quote by contacting a member of the SenSource sales team today.

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