Why Monitoring Library Usage Is So Important

library usageLibrary traffic fluctuates year-to-year but libraries continue to be an important part of the community. Patrons continue to find a way to fit libraries into their lives, according to Pew Research, only 48% of people interacted with their library over the past year. However, the usage of library websites has increased over the past 4 years by 25%.

Patrons still primarily utilize libraries for traditional activities such as, borrowing books and studying but people are also steadily increasing the usage of classes and other programs. Libraries who are constantly trying to keep up with technology trends are also seeing an increase in patron satisfaction. The usage of 3-D printers and other high-tech devices in libraries are on the rise.

Although libraries are meeting patron expectations, they are constantly under great pressure to justify and preserve their government funding. 59% voters from a recent OCLC survey think most library funding comes from nonlocal sources. In reality, 86% of library funding comes from local sources. Providing reliable, statistical information on usage of the facility is pertinent to accomplishing this. Maintaining library funding will allow for key upgrades and materials within the library. Patron counters play an important role in collecting facility usage data. This data offers libraries a bigger picture of their true library traffic.

By pairing patron counters with the SenSource Vea Analytics reporting platform the data can be accurately analyzed without draining staff resources. Libraries can efficiently run their facility by determining which hours of the day are busiest and which areas are seeing the most usage. Libraries are able to easily view all branches within a large library system from anywhere, anytime. They also have the capability of viewing year-over-year data to know if patrons are being receptive to changes libraries are making internally.

Learn more about the patron counting solutions SenSource has to offer libraries by contacting a member of the sales team.

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