Why Use People Counters in Retail?


Using sales and POS data can only tell you what happened in a day, but not how it happened. Accurate store traffic data explains the store’s opportunity. Retail people counters give answers to the question, “How effective is your store at capitalizing on the opportunity presented?”  Traffic data determines the following statistics, comparisons and calculations:

retail people countersRetail Footfall

Understanding customer traffic patterns and trends is pertinent to properly managing any facility. With retail people counters you get a true customer count by excluding employee traffic, which has the potential of being counted repeatedly throughout the day. These systems also have the capability of grouping buying units, excluding children or items like shopping carts.

Conversion Rates & Marketing Strategies

Store sales are a necessity on any given day, knowing what drove each purchase and the shoppers’ journey will help increase future sales. People counting systems provide a clear, accurate conversion metric by quantifying true selling opportunities.

When retailers create marketing strategies it often turns into a guessing game of whether or not it worked. If retailers only looked at the sales in a day, they wouldn’t account for those shoppers who visited due to the campaign but didn’t make a purchase. Retail people counters measure the customer traffic through a store. If the store traffic increases after a campaign is run it can be attributed to the campaign. Also, if there are specific displays related to a campaign a retailer is able to see if there’s an increase in traffic to that display, whether or not a purchase is made.

Queue, Dwell & Occupancy

Customers often become deterred when a store is too congested, people become bottle-necked or there are long lines at the checkout. By analyzing queue lines, dwell zones and store occupancy management is able to determine the most popular areas of a store and optimize the store layout. This reduces customer congestion and helps create a better flow through the store.


Management never wants to be understaffed on busy days or overstaffed on slower days. This can lead to lost sales or paying employee wages that are not needed. People counting systems allow retailers to optimize staff levels based on traffic analysis. Properly staffing a store gives employees the opportunity to properly assist customers on their shopping journey. Optimized staff levels ultimately improves conversion rates and customer experience.

In-Store Analytics

Understanding in-store analytics has many benefits for retailers and business owners alike. By measuring employee engagement and customer behavior such as dwell time and shopping patterns retailers are able to close the gap between e-commerce and physical customer analytics. As a result, this allows retailers to efficiently run their store based off of consumer needs and patterns.

Predictive Retail Analytics

Retailers, who utilize the Vea reporting platform, have access to predicted daily traffic levels. This helps retailers forecast future operations by utilizing a highly accurate intelligent forecasting algorithm. From sales and promotions to seasonality changes, people counting systems have the ability to help you find a model that predicts your future retail store traffic.

See how a small increase in conversion rate can have a big impact on your bottom line with our interactive corporate sales calculator.

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Liz Hudson avatar
Liz Hudson says

It's a good point that traffic counters can help you understand which days or times of day are busier and require more employees. I have been considering getting a traffic counter for my small boutique to gather more detailed analytics. It also sounds like a great way to improve marketing strategies and store layout.

Jessica Lipply avatar
Jessica Lipply says

Hi Liz,

I’m glad you found our post useful on the benefits of counting store traffic. We’d love to show you a live web demonstration of how the system works and answer any questions you may have. You’ll see in the demo of Vea software there’s actually a built-in feature that retailers find very useful, it prescribes needed staffing hours based on expected traffic and takes into account conversion rate. Someone from our sales team will reach out to you shortly.
Have a great day!

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