Working Automated Attendance Tracking into Your Tech Budget

Managing Your Annual Tech Budget

automated attendance trackingEach year church leaders come together to discuss the future of their church and congregation. The annual budget is always a key factor in proper planning and achieving future church growth. Successfully executing any of their plans relies heavily on the open communication with church leaders.

“Well-planned budgets help to increase communication with leadership, highlight priorities, and provide accountability for the use of funds.” Shane Rushik with Worship Facilities stated in the article Budgeting/Maintenance: Planning for Future Helps to Budget for Now. Budgeting is always a tricky topic and a lot of people don’t enjoy the restrictions felt by working within a tight budget. However, they can be quite eye-opening and helps to keep structure on any project.

One of the steps to working within a budget is recognizing the key factors of the church that needs addressed. Knowing where and how the money should be spent keeps projects organized and easily executed.

Understanding the elements that need updated or implementing a new technology or method takes a lot of research and data to back it up. Rushik came up with a list of components driving a church budget and they are:

3 Main components driving a church budget

  1. Vision from church leadership
  2. Application and frequency
  3. Personnel – the ability and quantity

Managing a budget effectively can provide great worth; knowing which technologies are important to your church is also vital. Automated attendance tracking technology can be a two-fold when looking at new technologies in your church. First you need to justify the purchase and implementation of such a system but it will pay it’s worth through data for future growth and future project justifications.

Designing a facility that meets the needs of the congregation will encourage attendance. Implementing an automated attendance tracking system will make monitoring your facility effortless. Contact a member of the SenSource sales team to learn more.

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