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With the power of 3D video and machine learning, SenSource people counters measure footfall, track and count individuals entering, exiting and dwelling with precision.

Using PoE, a single cable provides power and network connectivity. Data is processed on the sensor itself, no additional servers are needed, making real-time data available for immediate action.

Make the most of your people counting solution with Vea cloud-based reporting and analytics platform. Visualize facility usage and performance in a new way. Gain insight into the future and make strategic decisions.

People Counter Features

Industries and Applications

Refined Results

In addition to accurate people counting data, SenSource sensors boast these advanced features:

Group count or shopping unit

An ideal filter for retail people counter solutions, such as furniture and appliance stores, where a buying unit is more valuable information than individual counts. Algorithms look at proximity and timing of individuals to determine the group and increment a single count for the buying unit.

U-turns omitted from data set

The counting logic moves beyond a simple footfall counter. If a person enters your facility, stays within the detection area, then leaves your facility, the count will not be added to your data set.

Maintains detection of irregular browsing and lingering visitors

The sensing unit’s advanced algorithms will detect and maintain tracking on individuals for as long as they are within the detection area and only increment an entrance count and exit count when they commit to your set threshold (count lines). This avoids counting the same person multiple times if they linger within the detection area or pace near the entrance.

Real-Time Occupancy Monitoring

Entering and exiting traffic is collected from people counting sensors from multiple entry points. Then Vea’s SafeSpace feature calculates capacity, providing a real-time look at how many people are in your facility. SafeSpace is equipped with all the tools needed to comply to COVID regulations, including historical reports, alerts and apps for a heads-up display.

Privacy Matters

Choose your level of privacy. We respect our clients’ concerns for protecting the privacy of their guests while still maintaining the most accurate people counting data. For this reason, our sensors are equipped with privacy configuration settings. And because of the onboard embedded processing, no video stream leaves the sensor, only metadata is sent out.

The standard privacy setting allows a live video image stream where the paths of people are tracked. This view allows SenSource technical support to easily validate the sensor’s accuracy and perform proactive support. Increasing privacy to the next level removes people from the image stream, but leaves the foot traffic paths. Toggle between the videos below for an example of these privacy settings. Contact SenSource to discuss our more restrictive privacy filter options.

privacy matters privacy matters

People Counter Experts

More than sensors, SenSource is committed to the satisfaction of our clients’ full experience. We manage the complexities of selecting, installing and managing your people counting system. Your SaaS subscription includes proactive technical support where the health and accuracy of your system is monitored and corrected by our in-house team of Technical Support professionals.