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Door Counters

Door Counter Applications & Industries

What sets SenSource apart from other door counter providers is our willingness and knowledge to serve a variety of industries, applications and project sizes. While each has its own uses for footfall data, the end results are all the same – door counting traffic data is used to make better business decisions.

Better Decisions Start Here

It’s not just our tagline and Mission Statement. We truly believe in our door counter product’s abilities to provide reliable, insightful data to make better business decisions for our clients. It’s our goal to provide innovative tools in a reliable, easy to use manner to make measurable business improvements.

History of Door Counter Applications

With over twenty years of experience understanding our worldwide clients’ door counting needs and supporting their systems post-purchase, we are proven leaders. In the beginning, retail was the obvious market for door counting systems as a component to conversion ratio is knowing how many people enter a store. Libraries and government facilities were also early adopters for automated door counters as government funding is based on usage statistics. In the digital era, circulation data is no longer a sufficient source for library usage stats because a large portion of patrons are using the facility for purposes other than checking-out materials.

As door counter technologies advanced and became easier to use, maintain and install more industries and applications were uncovered. During the 2008 recession, higher-education enrollment increased because many people were out of work and looking to learn a new trade or sharpen their career skills. As a result, universities, libraries, and student union facilities realized their need for automated door counting solutions to determine actual usage to justify expansions and remodeling.

Post-recession sparked an increase in casino, entertainment and amusement parks and the need to efficiently operate these facilities. SenSource solutions assist in planning floor layouts, placing marketing materials, managing queues and service wait times to improve the user experience at these facilities.

In 2020, COVID-19 caused worldwide disruption to commerce, education, and leisure activities. While essential businesses remained open to the public, the need to count customers became apparent. SenSource responded, using standard door counters to create a real-time Occupancy Monitoring Solution to help these essential businesses communicate to their staff and customers how many people could enter to remain within capacity limitations. As additional mandates were placed on businesses to require customers and guests to wear face masks, SenSource released its Face Mask Detection System. The automated system relieved businesses’ pressure and expense when employing staff to monitor the entrance and enforce mask mandates.

In 2023, we enhanced our vehicle counting offerings to compliment our successful people counting technology. The Kodia Series is the first pressure-hose based counter that transmits data to Vea Reporting Platform. Now foot traffic and vehicle traffic can be reported in one place, making it an ideal solution for libraries with book drops to account for each instance the facility was used in a day.

As SenSource continues to develop and refine advanced features, new products and software, we will continue to see new applications and uses for our door counting system. For the latest news on our offerings, applications and tradeshows visit our blog, subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on social media.