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Foot Traffic Analytics

Vea Analytics people counting software

Translate your raw foot traffic data into rich analytics to reveal patterns and profitable insights.

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vea analytics
vea analytics
Boutique Fashions - Traffic vs Brand Average
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Straight-forward design. Robust features.

People counting software that’s intuitive, yet comprehensive. Customer use cases drive our in-house development road map for features and enhancements.

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Unlimited Users

No additional cost for users within an organization

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Custom Dashboards

Drag-and-drop dashboard builders for key metrics

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Technical Support

Proactive support and training included in SaaS subscription

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Integrate Systems

Works with existing systems using Vea’s REST API

Daily Traffic

The most basic and essential data that answers the question, “How many people entered my facility today?” Vea Analytics uses historical foot traffic data to compare this week’s traffic performance to last week, as well as year-over-year comparisons.

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Traffic by day - SenSource VEA
VEA Daily Traffic Report

Peak Traffic

Recognizing peak and non-peak traffic times fuels actionable decisions like when to schedule staff, host events, and perform maintenance. Vea’s day-hour-heatmap analytics provides a visualization to easily highlight and forecast peak times.

Video: Day Hour Heatmap Explained

Customer Journey

Analyze when and how customers use your space. View heatmaps and data-points to recognize the most and least popular areas to drive merchandising and planning decisions.

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VEA customer journey on entry points

Predictive Analytics

Take your people counting data to the next level with Vea’s advanced traffic forecasting tool. Accurately predict future traffic based on historical trends and seasonality.

Traffic Forecasting

Occupancy Monitoring

Vea calculates real-time occupancy by collecting exit and entrance counts for each entry-point. Monitor the occupancy of your entire facility, a floor, or a room.

13 people may enter - vea occupancy

Enterprise SSO

Vea Analytics is equipped with Enterprise SSO (single sign-on) authentication for simpler administration, better network security, and improved user productivity. We support Auth.0, shibboleth, okta, Azure, ADFS, SAML and many more.

Video: SSO Explained

Power BI Integration

Foot traffic data in Vea can be integrated with your existing business intelligence software, like Microsoft’s Power BI. Using Power Query, data is pulled from Vea and combined with your other data sources in Power BI, taking your analysis to the next level. Power Query can also extract, transform, and load foot traffic data into Excel. Request our Power Query White Paper or watch our video for more information.

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