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Space Utilization Sensors

Space Occupancy & Utilization Monitoring for Campus Spaces

Evaluate campus space utilization metrics at your university with space utilization sensors.

campus spaces - wilson state student center
traffic forecast for campus spaces
campus today's traffic

Why Universities rely on space utilization sensors

Collect definitive people counting data to make strategic decisions for your university.


SenSource people counting sensors boast 97%+ accuracy.


The number of people required to manually count students. Save time with full automation.



Number of universities across the US and Canada that trust SenSource.

196 Million

Students counted by SenSource…and counting!

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People's Counting System - SenSource Solutions - MPC Cards

Facility Usage

Monitor peak and non-peak foot traffic times by hour, days, weeks, and more. Optimize staff and scheduled events based on traffic forecasting.

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campus facility usage - this week's visitor count
today's visitor count - campus facility usage

Interior Analytics

Determine the most and least used areas within your campus buildings. Justify the need for expansion or renovation. Know your student body better by realizing most and least used services and departments. 

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campus interior analytics - cafe draw rate
campus interior analytics

Occupancy Monitoring

Real-time occupancy calculation to monitor capacity restrictions. Inform staff of current occupancy levels to optimally allocate resources. Report historical compliance of occupancy regulations. 

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current occupancy 314/825
current occupancy for campus - location computer lab 3

The most accurate way to count people

Our sensors measure foot traffic with precision, while our analytics platform gives you accessible data to make cost-saving decisions.

Powerful Hardware

Our VIDX sensor uses 3D advanced stereo vision tracking and machine learning to make it the most accurate system available.

SenSource Charts

Detailed Analytics

Our Vea Analytics platform translates raw traffic data into meaningful patterns and profitable insights.

“We’re being asked quite often these days to express the impact we’re having on our campus … traffic data is something we can capture very accurately and use that to tell our stories.”

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Jeremiah Johnson Director of Hill Center at UAB
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