Evaluate campus space utilization at your rec center, student union, library, dining hall, and other campus facilities using SenSource’s people counting technology.

• Justify funding and realize expansion or renovation needs based on true facility usage

SafeSpace real-time occupancy to help control crowd sizes

• SenSource People Counting Sensors boast 97%+ accuracy

• Analyze, report, and share data with the Vea Reporting Platform

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Why Universities Monitor Campus Space Utilization

Facility Usage

Visitor foot traffic data

campus space utilization metrics

• Monitor peak and non-peak foot traffic times – hourly, daily, weekly, etc.

• Report facility usage to justify funding requests

• Optimize staff and scheduled events based on traffic forecasting

Interior Analytics

Usage of meeting rooms and spaces

monitor interior analytics at your university

• Determine most and least used areas of campus buildings

• Justify the need for expansion or renovation

• Adjust signage, vendors, lounges and layout based on traffic patterns

Occupancy Monitoring

Real-time capacity solution

automated occupancy monitoring for universities

• Abide by COVID-19 occupancy regulations

• Inform visitors of current occupancy levels and whether they can enter or wait

• Report historical compliance of occupancy regulations

How We Do It

The solution leverages the VIDX Series people counting sensors to monitor and track guests with precision.

It includes an annual subscription to Vea Analytics Software to report on campus usage trends, patterns, occupancy and more.

Data and decisions you can count on.

Featured Case Study

“Very quickly we started discovering a world of things that were different from our assumptions. For one, how many folks were visiting our facility on a daily, weekly, annual basis. It’s far more than we ever imagined, which is great and helps us advocate for those dollars because we’re impacting a lot of folks throughout the year.”

– Jeremiah Johnson, Director of Hill Center at UAB

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