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Anti-Tailgating Device

tracks unauthorized entries into buildings

Tailgating (a.k.a. piggybacking) occurs when an unauthorized visitor follows a single authorized visitor into a building, doorway, etc. Our state-of-the-art detection system uses a sensor device to alert staff and prevent tailgates.

Tailgating detection starts here.

SenSource’s TailgateControlPro anti-tailgating device detects when unapproved people enter your facility, then outputs an alert to your staff.

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Seamless Integration

The device’s IO output seamlessly integrates with your existing access control system & badging system to send alerts to staff.

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Accurate Detection

Our best-in-class people counting sensors can accurately detect and count groups of people as they move through doorways, etc., making it the perfect underpin of a highly effective anti-tailgating system.

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Using the device’s output, you can customize your alert to an audible message, alarm, text to staff, or your preferred method to spotlight unauthorized entrances.

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The device that restores your peace of mind. Feel confident in your security measures knowing only authorized personnel are accessing secure areas of your building. For fitness center access control, TailgateControlPro saves you money by ensuring only paid members are entering your gym. The device’s IO output allows you to customize alerts suitable to your unique application, from the subtle illumination of a red light to an audible siren or a text message to staff.

Advanced Analytics

TailgateControlPro’s SaaS reporting component offers unparalleled insights into how your building is being accessed. Access important metrics such as the number of entries and exits, quantity of tailgate detections, occupancy, visit duration, and more.

Tailgating Prevention Method Comparison

Manual Monitoring
Real-Time CaptureYesNoYesYes
Automated ReportingYesNoYesNo
Historical ReportingYesNoYesNo
Customized OutputYesNoYesYes
GDPR CompliantYesNoYesN/A
Integrates with Existing Access Control SystemYesNoNoNo