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People counting sensors for all environments

Our sensors utilize stereo vision technology and a wide range of mounting heights for guaranteed accuracy.

The sensor for everyday counting

The bread and butter for SenSource. This people counting sensor is designed to cover the broadest range of applications with unmatched 97%+ accuracy.

  • Layered with Machine Learning
  • Mounting Heights: 7.5-19 ft.
  • Flexible privacy configurations
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Indoor people counting sensor

outdoor sensors

The same power and performance as our standard people counting sensor, but built rugged enough to withstand the elements.

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Outdoor people counting sensor

High ceiling

Optimal people counting sensor for high mounting applications while delivering reliable performance and consistent accuracy.

  • Mounting Heights: 20-65 ft.
  • Stitch up to 9 sensors
  • Captures data previously inaccessible
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people counter sensor for high ceilings

Outdoor high mount sensors

A people counting sensor that handles the highest mounting heights and the elements. Battle tested for any space.

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outdoor-rated people counter sensor for high mounting applications

Extended sensor
placement options

While every sensor comes with a standard installation kit, various mounting accessories are available. Our team will identify the best mounting hardware for your scenario.

  • Recessed mounts, extension poles, pivot brackets
  • Available in black or white
  • Creative and unobtrusive installation options
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Mounting accessories for people counting sensors

Sensors to accomplish your counting objective

From new construction to historic landmarks and courtyards to conference rooms, we offer the best-fit people counting sensors available.

Indoor people counting sensor

Standard Sensor

Standard 3D stereo vision sensor. Most universal option.

high ceiling sensor for people counting

High Ceiling Sensor

Same 3D stereo vision technology, with lenses ideal for high mount installations.

Included features

Indoor and outdoor models
Mounting Heights 7.5-19 ft.
Coverage Area up to 34×26 ft.

Indoor and outdoor models
Mounting Heights 20-65 ft.
Coverage Area up to 37×28 ft.

Refined Results

In addition to accurate data, SenSource people counting sensors boasts these advanced features:

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Group Count

An ideal filter for instances where a buying unit is more valuable information than individual counts, such as a furniture or appliance store. Sensor algorithms look at proximity and timing of individuals to determine the group and increment a single count.

People Counting Technology - Turn Icon


Counting logic moves beyond a simple footfall counter. If a person doesn’t commit to fully entering your facility then leaves, the count will not be added to your data set. An important feature for retailers calculating shopper conversion rates.

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Maintains Detection

Advanced algorithms detect and maintain tracking within the sensor’s coverage area and only increment entrance and exit counts when a person commits to a set threshold. This avoids counting the same person multiple times if they linger or browse.

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Privacy Filters

The sensor’s validation video feed is used to confirm accuracy and adjust sensor settings. Should you need to restrict the video, we offer three levels of privacy filters. View examples of each privacy filter here.

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Employee Exclusion

Automatically remove staff counts by equipping the team with specialty lanyards the sensor is trained to detect. This means you can count customers accurately, enabling true measurement of conversion rates and other types of engagement metrics.

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Remote Calibration

Our proactive approach to support takes the guess-work out of maintaining your sensor’s health. Our team of experts will custom configure the sensor during installation to ensure optimal, validated accuracy.