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PC-VID Series

people counter

Our most popular sensor, the PC-VID intelligent people counter. Automatically quantify how many people enter, exit, and occupy a space… and so much more!

Superior features

Our automatic people counter operates on these industry-leading features:

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Easy Installation

Using PoE (power over ethernet), our people counting sensor only requires a single cable run for power and network connectivity.  Use SenSource’s installation services for a turnkey solution, or perform installation yourself with access to our thorough guides and remote tech support.

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Maximum Accuracy

Guaranteed accuracy of 97% or greater, our automatic people counter’s AI algorithms detect people and track movement with precision. Stereo-video sensing is suitable for any lighting conditions with a minimum illuminance of 2 lux.

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Reliable Data

The device’s on-board data storage will accumulate counts during a network outage and backfill the data upon reconnection. Our proactive technical support continuously scans for offline sensors and floating accuracy for prompt corrective actions.

Object Classification

Make the data work for you! Easily separate and report on entrances and exits of adults and children, ideal for libraries and museums. A group counting filter is also available, ideal for retailers interested in buying units rather than individuals. The automatic people counter’s AI algorithms eliminate false positives caused by non-person objects.

automatic people counter view using height filter for object classification

Zone Monitoring

Start counting beyond the threshold! Zone monitoring allows you to capture the total traffic and average visit duration of a specified area, such as a museum exhibit or a cash register queue. A single people counting sensor can have up to 8 individual zones of polygonal shape. U-turns are detected and omitted.

automatic people counter view of seven zones monitored

Advanced Metrics

The same sensor used for accurate door counts is equipped to handle advanced metrics and applications. Monitor real-time occupancy of a building or specific area within a building. Track Customer Journey or cover large areas by combining up to 9 sensors, creating a stitched multisensor view.

People Counting Software
automatic people counting sensor view of multi-sensor stitching