SenSource Solutions for Foot Traffic Analysis & Expected Ride Wait Time Technology

SenSource technologies can be used throughout the amusement industry to optimize operations, efficiently utilize resources and ultimately improve visitor experience and increase profits.

• Automated system saves time collecting and reporting

SafeSpace real-time occupancy to help control crowd sizes

• SenSource People Counting Sensors boast 97%+ accuracy

• Analyze, report, and share data with the Vea Reporting Platform

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Why Count People in the Amusement Industry?

Virtual Turnstiles

Count foot traffic at entrances and gates

amusement industry virtual turnstile

• Monitor peak and non-peak foot traffic times – hourly, daily, weekly, etc.

• Report facility usage for stakeholders and executives

• Optimize staff and scheduled events based on traffic forecasting

Expected Ride Wait Time Technology

Set appropriate wait expectations

expected ride wait time amusement industry

Sensors are placed at the beginning and end of ride queue

• Vea calculates queue length and throughput rate

• Display wait time on guest-facing smart signage

Occupancy Monitoring

SafeSpace real-time capacity solution

monitor occupancy at FECs and amusement parks

• Abide by COVID-19 occupancy regulations within your facility or park

• Inform guests of current occupancy levels and whether they can enter or wait

• Report historical compliance of occupancy regulations

How We Do It

Leveraging the VIDX Series people counting sensors, SenSource can monitor and track guests with precision. We guarantee 97%+ accuracy in high traffic areas. Layered with 3D video and artificial intelligence, accuracy will improve over time as the sensor learns the environment!

Data and decisions you can count on.

Featured Case Study

In 2010, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum needed to answer the question,
“How many people actually make their way through the entire museum?”

They chose a SenSource people counting system to find the answer and have since uncovered even more data points to help make informed operating decisions.

A Few of Our 200+ Amusement Customers:

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