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Vehicle Counters

Traffic Counter Systems

Count cars and track road usage with SenSource’s Kodia traffic counter options.

vehicle counting system

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Single Lane

For single lane applications, such as a library book drop or a restaurant drive-thru lane, utilize one Kodia traffic counter to quantify vehicles accurately.

Multiple Lanes

For multiple lane applications, such as a car wash or bank drive-thru, utilize as many traffic counters as needed to accurately capture vehicle traffic. Report by individual vehicle counter or use combined metrics for a total count.

The most effortless way to count vehicles

Our vehicle counters measure car traffic with precision, while our analytics platform gives you accessible data to make cost-saving decisions.

Car Counter Sensor

Kodia Traffic Counter

Laid across the area to monitor, the pneumatic road tube counter is affixed to the ground with the included anchor. It is powered by an internal battery that has connect-ability built in. The pressure hose counter comes in 50 ft. pieces and can be cut to fit your exact driving area. As a car crosses the counter, a signal is sent to the gateway to generate a count. That’s it, pretty simple.

Detailed Analytics

The Kodia traffic counters integrate seamlessly into Vea, enabling reporting on counts, occupancy, visit duration, and more with vehicle data, just as simple as it does for traditional people counting. And if you are already a SenSource people counting client, your vehicle traffic data will infuse to your existing account flawlessly.