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Church Attendance Counter

Automated Church Attendance Counter

Efficiently manage your church with SenSource’s automated church attendance counter.

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Why choose an automated attendance counter

Improve attendee experience, operational efficiencies, and maintain safety protocols within your church, while freeing up staff and volunteers to complete other crucial tasks.


SenSource people counting sensors boast 97%+ accuracy.


The number of staff and volunteers required to manually count attendees. Save time with full automation.


Number of churches that trust SenSource.

22 Million

Church attendees counted by SenSource…and counting!

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Attendance Counter

Automatic attendance reports for every service, including across multiple church campuses, provides accurate and consistent data for church leaders.

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Measure Growth & Justify Expansion

Let the numbers do the talking. Attendance data can help guide critical decisions such as additions to staff, building renovations, or even campus expansions.

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Occupancy Monitoring

Abide by capacity restrictions and optimally allocate volunteer resources by monitoring real-time occupancy levels. Display current occupancy and report on historical data.

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The most accurate way to count people

Our sensors measure foot traffic with precision, while our analytics platform gives you accessible data to make cost-saving decisions.

Powerful Hardware

Our VIDX sensor uses 3D advanced stereo vision tracking and machine learning to make it the most accurate system available.

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Detailed Analytics

Our Vea Analytics platform translates raw traffic data into meaningful patterns and profitable insights.

“We access the data multiple times per week for analysis on events and services. We absolutely love the team at SenSource!”

Paul Loots IT Specialist, Grace Family Church
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