Grace Family Church chooses SenSourceTHE PARTNERSHIP

SenSource partnered with Grace Family Church (GFC) to provide an automated attendance collection system to its six locations in Tampa, Florida.

Grace Family Church, founded in 1994, is a growing non-denominational, Bible-based church that shares God’s truth through contemporary music and practical, plain language messages.


Grace Family Church sought out a solution to automatically capture attendance of its congregation of over 10,000 people across six campuses in a consistent, efficient and accurate manner.

GFC chose SenSource because it met those needs with great pricing, great products and excellent service.

“We absolutely love the team at SenSource! We always get a quick response when we have a question and feel very well supported,” states Paul Loots, IT Specialist at Grace Family Church.

automated church attendance system at Grace Family ChurchTHE BENEFITS

SenSource’s system uses ceiling-mounted 3D stereo video people counting sensors at each sanctuary entrance to count people entering and exiting. Through Vea Analytics platform, staff at GFC are able to see the peak sanctuary occupancy to determine attendance.

“We access the data multiple times per week for events and services and overall data analysis,” describes Loots.

Knowing attendance helps gauge the rate of growth of the congregation, make comparisons amongst campuses, and allocate resources efficiently.

In addition to attendance, Grace Family Church uses the data to determine how much food to prepare for their Saturday Night Venue. They also use the data to find patterns and predict attendance for future services and events.

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