Hope & Main is a popular food business incubator located in Rhode Island. It is most well known for their indoor markets hosted all winter long. These markets give emerging food companies an opportunity to test, scale and develop products with an engaged and loyal audience. Like many businesses, the ongoing pandemic put stress on their events as occupancy limits were put in place and they were required to restrict the numbers of shoppers in their building. Thankfully, an industry peer was discussing the pandemic’s impact with Caitlin Mandel, Hope & Main’s manager, and she recommended Hope & Main try SafeSpace Occupancy Monitoring.

“SafeSpace was exactly what we were looking for,” Mandel remarked. “It was becoming difficult to manage the occupancy restrictions. We have three entrances/exits to monitor and it was requiring volunteer teams of 5 people just to keep up.”

Hope & Main took advantage of the Free 7 Day Trial, which allowed them to get their account set up and test the system before subscribing.

“The customer service SenSource provided was incredible. They helped me get my account ready and once I downloaded the apps, it was super easy to use.”

Customers visiting Hope & Main would check in at the main entrance upon arriving. This would allow them to determine if there was enough capacity available to let them enter. If the market was full, the customers would stand in a socially distanced line until the capacity reduced to a number that was satisfactory for them to enter.

Like many grocers and other food related businesses that are deemed essential, Hope & Main was forced to find an occupancy monitoring solution to fit their needs. “I am so grateful to SenSource,” Mandel commented. “Without their great product and assistance, we would not have been able to host such a safe and successful market season!”