SenSource Case Studies – Take a look at how businesses are making efficient decisions with our people counting systems.

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We Love Featuring Our Amazing Clients in SenSource Case Studies!

Being in business for over 19 years, we’ve worked with thousands of customers! The above SenSource case studies will give you a glimpse of the types of projects and industries we serve.

Common industries using SenSource systems include retail, libraries, education, and entertainment. However, even within the same industry, no two projects are the same! We love the process of learning about our customers and their unique needs and reasons for collecting foot traffic data. Our team excels at selecting the right-fit solution for those needs as well as overcoming challenges for installing and calibrating the sensors to ensure the most accurate data.

These SenSource case studies are a great way to see and hear how businesses are using foot traffic data as well as their experience working with our team. In almost every case study, customers give a shout-out to our Technical Support team for their prompt and friendly assistance. The Support team is your go-to department for ensuring correct installation of the sensors, initial testing and calibrating of the system, and software training. And of course, they’re quick to respond should assistance be needed after the initial setup.

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