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People counters gain insights.

SenSource people counter systems have provided a multitude of industries with the most reliable and advanced decision-making data, for 22 years and counting.

  • Count people with precision
  • Transmit data instantly
  • Visualize facility usage

The most accurate system for measuring footfall.

Our hardware and software work together to comprise a people counting system with industry-leading accuracy. The hardware (sensors) measure foot traffic with precision, while our software (analytics tool) gives you accessible data to make critical business decisions.

A couple looking at jewelry after being counted by an automated door counter device

Accurate Sensors

With a combination of 3D advanced stereo vision tracking sensors and machine learning, SenSource is the most accurate people counter solution available.

Visual mockup of SenSource's people counting dashboard

Detailed Analytics

Our state-of-the-art software, Vea, translates raw people counting data into meaningful patterns and profitable insights.

The State of People Counting

A complete guide to people counting and its uses in 2024.

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SenSource's people counting brochures

Insights beyond people counting

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How we help clients.

From the most well known brands in the world to your favorite hometown retailer, SenSource helps businesses unlock critical decision making data through the use of people counters.

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“We’re being asked quite often these days to express the impact we’re having on our campus … traffic data is something we can capture very accurately and use that to tell our stories.”

Jeremiah Johnson Director of Hill Center at UAB
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Branches using SenSource

“The SPARC Group prides itself on leveraging strategic partners to win the competitive battle of brick-and-mortar retail. SenSource continues to prove themselves to be an extremely valuable partner in this battle. We look forward to strengthening the relationship between SenSource and many SPARC Group brands.”

Jay Eaton SPARC Group

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