Real-time Customer Counting for Retail

Make better decisions to optimize your store’s operating efficiency. Adding customer counting to your data analysis helps to understand your store’s true opportunity.

• Get a true customer count by excluding employee traffic and eliminating other traffic sources

SafeSpace real-time occupancy to help control crowd sizes

• SenSource People Counting Sensors boast 97%+ accuracy

• Analyze, report, and share data with the Vea Reporting Platform

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Why Customer Counting in Retail?

Retail View Vea Corporate
View the overall performance of the retail chain, compare performance goals and benchmark in-store analytics.
Retail View Vea Regional
Compare performance to goals of stores in a region. Reward top performing stores and plan visits to stores needing attention.
Retail View Vea Marketing
Use our customer counting solution to compare pre and post campaign traffic and set goals to gauge marketing effectiveness.
Retail View Vea Store
Use historic retail footfall to predict future trends and peak times. Staff according to predicted traffic to ensure adequate coverage.

Conversion Rates

Customer counting data for conversion rate

Provide a clear, accurate conversion metric by quantifying true selling opportunities only.

Dwell & Occupancy

retail occupancy system

Analyze dwell zone and store occupancy to determine most popular areas of the store and optimize store layout.

Staffing Levels

customer counting data for optimized staffing

Prescriptive staffing tool optimizes staff levels based on predicted traffic to improve conversion rate and the customer experience.

Marketing Strategies

Measure marketing effectiveness by determining the cost per shopper and the impact of campaigns on store traffic.

Queue Management

Decrease service wait time and improve customer experience by matching check-out personnel with customer traffic.

In-Store Analytics

Close the gap between e-commerce and physical customer analytics by measuring customer behaviors like dwell time and shopping patterns.

How We Do It

Leveraging the VIDX Series people counting sensors, SenSource can monitor and track customers with precision. We guarantee 97%+ accuracy in high traffic areas. Layered with 3D Video and Artificial Intelligence, accuracy will improve over time as the sensor learns it environment!

Data and decisions you can count on.

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