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Customer Counter

Retail Traffic Counting

Adding customer counting to your data stream unlocks your store’s true opportunity.

customer counting report for boutique fashion shop
customer counter reports for retail
today's customer counting report from previous week

Customer counting for retail

The easiest and most accurate way to count your customers.


SenSource customer counting sensors boast 97%+ accuracy.


The number of employees required for manual counting of customers. Save time with full automation. 


Number of retailers across the US and Canada that trust SenSource.

941 Million

Customers counted by SenSource…and counting!

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Count Customers

Monitor peak and non-peak foot traffic times by hour, days, weeks, and more with a retail traffic counter. Get a true customer count by excluding employee traffic.

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today's customer count
this week's customer count

POS Integration

Allow us to integrate your POS data to provide accurate metrics such as conversion rate, dollar per head, and average basket size.

Watch: Foot Traffic & POS Data Combined

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customer counting retail POS integration
customer counting retail POS integration report

In-Store Analytics

A retail traffic counter can also be used to measure customer behaviors like dwell time, shopping patterns, and most popular areas within the store.

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most visited depts
average dwell time

Retail Labor Forecasting

Our built-in store traffic forecasting feature optimizes staff levels based on predicted customer counts to improve conversion rates and customer service.

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Busiest Hour 3PM
Conversion Rate with 3 employees

Queue Management

Decrease service wait time and improve customer experience by matching check-out personnel with customer counts.

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average queue time
Average service time

Who Uses Customer Counting Data?

Every department can benefit from retail traffic counter data. Here are a few examples.

Corporate Icon - Briefcase

Corporate Executive

View the overall performance of the retail chain, compare performance goals, and benchmark in-store analytics.

Regional Manager Icon

Regional Management

Compare performance to goals of stores in a region. Reward top performing stores and plan visits to stores needing attention.

Marketing Icon - Target

Marketing Leaders

Use customer counting data to compare pre and post campaign traffic and set goals to gauge marketing effectiveness.

Store Manager Icon

Store Management

Use historic retail customer counting to predict future trends and peak times. Staff according to store traffic forecasting to ensure adequate coverage.

Employee Icon

Store Employee

Monitor real-time occupancy to ensure the store is following any occupancy regulations in place.

The most accurate way to count people

Our sensors measure foot traffic with precision, while our analytics software gives you accessible data to make cost-saving decisions.

A couple looking at jewelry after being counted by an automated door counter device

Accurate Sensors

Our VIDX sensor uses 3D advanced stereo vision tracking sensors and machine learning to make it the most accurate system available.

Visual mockup of SenSource's people counting dashboard

Detailed Analytics

Our state-of-the-art software, Vea, translates raw traffic data into meaningful patterns and profitable insights.

“Since we were so new, we wanted to allow customer behavior to shape our decisions. Through the customer counting data collected by SenSource, we have honed our business hours and even added a day to our schedule.”

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