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Store Traffic Forecasting

Traffic prediction
for retail labor forecasting
& more

How busy will we be tomorrow? Next week?
Next month?

forecasting for the boutique fashion shop
traffic forecast

Know what will happen, before it happens.

We collect millions of data points every day. Machine learning detects store traffic patterns and trends to predict what will happen next.

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Retail Labor Forecasting

Properly staff based on customer volume to give your customers the best experience possible.

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Inventory Planning

Add predictive traffic store data to your inventory planning for increased accuracy and optimal ordering.

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Cost Savings

Strategically adjust operating hours based on store traffic forecasts to save on labor and reduce downtime.

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Predictive Traffic

Vea’s highly accurate forecasting model accounts for your historical foot traffic trends as well as seasonality and growth rates. Armed with future traffic data, you can better plan staffing, events, and promotions as well as optimize resources.

forecasting predictive traffic
forecasting average shopper duration

Queue Optimizer

Traffic Forecasting is a critical metric in Vea’s Queue Optimizer tool. Receive instant feedback on current occupancy levels vs the hour’s forecast, paired with the average queue length and customer wait-time to take action on dispatching staff to check-out.

Traffic vs forecast