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Occupancy Counters

Real-Time Occupancy Counting System

Automatically monitor the number of people entering and exiting your facility

Grocery store occupancy counting report
real time occupancy monitoring reports
real time occupancy monitoring alert

Tracking occupancy,
Covid & beyond

Occupancy is no longer just a Covid precaution, it is a critical business measurement. Real-time traffic data is more important than ever and this is how it works.

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Install occupancy counter sensors over all entrances to the monitored space.

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Vea combines data automatically to calculate a real-time occupancy count.

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View current occupancy status through displays, our mobile app, or desktop reporting.

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Real-Time Occupancy Counter

Accurate counts are collected as people enter and exit. No data lag, so you can trust the occupancy counter at any given moment.

2 girls walking inside of retail store for shopping - people's counting
occupancy counting status for a library
occupancy counter status at cafe

Smartphone App

Key personnel can access a facility’s occupancy tracker in real-time on the go. Manual adjustments can be made if needed.

woman using occupancy counting software mobile app
occupancy counting software mobile app
occupancy monitoring software mobile app on Google Play

Historical Reporting

Confirm compliance and access accurate occupancy counting data reports to help guide decisions.

group of business people viewing historical occupancy counting reports
yesterday's historical occupancy counting report
last week's max occupancy tracker report

Occupancy Alarms

Set certain occupancy monitoring rules that trigger text message and/or email notifications to key personnel.

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mobile view of occupancy counter alarm
mobile view of occupancy counter alarm

Display Options

Share real-time occupancy counts with staff, guests, and customers so they can make informed decisions on whether to enter, or wait until later. Build continually updating capacity counts into your website using our API.

real time occupancy monitoring display on a tv at a store
real time occupancy monitoring display on a tv okay to enter store
real time occupancy monitoring display on a tv wait to enter store

“With ever changing regulations we needed an easier way to keep track of how many customers were in the store at any given time. Being a college bookstore, back to school customer traffic had the potential to push our occupancy limits very quickly. ”

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David Kidd Director of IT at the Rhatigan Student Center
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