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Outdoor People Counters

Robust devices for outdoor people counting

Beyond the door. Quantify how many people enter, exit, and occupy outdoor spaces and venues.

Applications outside threshold counting.

The same accuracy and consistency as its indoor-rated counterpart, the outdoor people counter expands applications into the elements.

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The sensor is protected by a rugged, pre-mounted enclosure and an outdoor-rated network connection in compliance with IP 65.

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Flexible Heights

Two outdoor-rated sensor options offering the widest viewing angle on the market and can be mounted at heights ranging from 7.5 to 65 feet.

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Extreme Weather

Capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -13° to 104° F and is resistant to all kinds of external influences, such as shadows, light changes and heat emission.

Amusement Parks

Quantify the highest trafficked areas of a park such as swimming pools, amphitheaters, attractions, cafes and restrooms with an outdoor people counter. Outdoor people counters detect entrances, exits, and calculate occupancy. Better serve your guests by placing staff, character appearances, pop-up events and marketing materials based on guest traffic patterns. Outdoor people counters are also used to determine ride wait time. Learn more about theme park analytics.

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Ski Resorts

Outdoor people counters can withstand temperatures as low as -13° F making them an ideal solution for counting guests on the slopes. Monitor ski lift wait times and queue lengths, as well as peak and non-peak usage times. Capture total entrances and exits to gift shops, cafes, rental stations, and more. Make data-driven decisions for staff schedules and placement, maintenance schedules, and hours of operation.

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Accurately gauge attendance to non-ticketed outdoor events like festivals, markets, and city celebrations with an outdoor people counting system. Knowing attendance data will help decide the success of the event, make historical comparisons, and attract sponsors.

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