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Privacy Settings

September 26, 2022

Is my phone listening to me? Is someone monitoring my searches? Am I on camera?
Privacy. It’s on everyone’s mind. Do we even have any these days?

In episode 3 of SenSource’s Monday Minute series, Andy details how SenSource’s people counting sensors continually strive for accuracy while protecting identities of those who walk under them.

Identifiable information? Doesn’t do it.

Proprietary information? Can’t store it.

Information to share? Won’t consider it.

Best of all, you get to control the privacy settings and dictate what is best for your guests and applications while still maintaining the most accurate people counting data.

Our system is equipped with three privacy configuration settings.

In Privacy Level Zero, the live view is what is collected. While the people are visible, identifying traits are difficult to decipher. And because of the onboard embedded processing, no video stream leaves the sensor, only metadata is sent out.

In Privacy Level One, movement is detected and tracked, but layered over a still background image. This completely removes the person from the view.

In Privacy Level Two, movement is detected and tracked, but no views are present. Only the movement bubbles and the count line.

At SenSource, we take privacy seriously and want to allow our customer to dictate what settings best fit their guests and application.

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